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Our Consultancy has over 16 years’ experience of developing and delivering strategic business plans and partnerships.

In the last 8 years, we have focused our business in the area of international trade, providing businesses with expertise in different aspects of Business Development and Growth strategies particularly in new markets entry and market penetration.

We have facilitated the brands into new markets across West Africa, UK, and the Caribbean.

At Compass Consulting our high calibre Team and Associate Consultants work with clients on a flexible basis; and therefore at an affordable cost. Our team have the required business intelligence, financial and commercial acumen to help steer your Company on a strategic course towards optimum business performance; ensuring that your business venture yields into a great financial return.


Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy is a simple one of Support, Performance and Partnership.

Guided by principles of professionalism and expertise at Compass Consulting we believe that we can truly help companies to achieve and surpass their business goals.

At Compass Consulting we can help you identify what is possible and we relish the opportunity to help you deliver it.

Mission and Values

We aim to;

  • provide a quality service through a team of Experts with significant experience
  • be easy to work with on an operational and commercial level
  • work “with” not for our clients.
  • be trusted and respected by our clients and other stakeholders in what we do
  • nurture a climate of trust and confidence internally
  • support our local business communities in whatever way possible
  • work with integrity and ensure that we are perceived as professional and independent

Why Choose Us


Our business model is supported by a multi-agency framework, including access to a robust and extensive Domestic and International Network of Partners and Associates with whom we collaborate; and who are truly the “best minds” across all sectors of business.

In 8 years, we have been dedicated to building a Brand is positioned as the “go to” firm for International Brands who are looking for Market access into Nigeria and West Africa.

We have focused on developing Internal and External Resources; including the Capability to Support local and International Brands within the Market place. We have access to business critical information and Market Intelligence.

We have successfully built a reputation within Nigeria as the International Markets expert for Nigerian brands desirous of taking advantage of global business opportunities in new markets.