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Africa: The Next Frontier Market

Africa: The Next Frontier Market

Background To The Event.

Africa’s Success Story : Case Studies From Nigeria/Ghana/Sierra Leone.

The divide between Perceptions and Reality.

The World’s view of Africa, is often seen through wars, corruption, vast gaps in infrastructure, widespread weaknesses in
governance etc.

Across the Continent are evidence of economic reforms taking place in various Nations, Democracy is taking its hold strongly; and its impact is spreading; as Nations also position to strengthen their economies to deliver a better deal to our people.

Against this backdrop, Africa holds out a promise of strong growth as
regional cooperation between African Nations also becomes a force that is propelling this change.

Far from the “Mirror” images, a closer observation, and monitoring of developments on the Continent reveals that the tides are changing.

As Governments across different Nations set new goals to chart Africa’s course towards the next chapter of the Continent”s Possibilities and Potential.

To Attend the High Level Debate at the House of Parliament on Friday 16th November 2018, Register here.

Focal Points:

*Ease of Doing Business

*Legal Framework

*Business Advisory Services

*Sector Case Studies/*Success Stories

*Markets & Comparative Advantages


Sector Specific Investors’ Roundtables




*Oil & Gas





Africa The Next Frontier

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