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Global Leadership Training Programme

No organisation can grow beyond the leadership capital in place. A failure of systems is always invariably linked to a failure in leadership. Like John Maxwell says, “everything rises and falls on leadership.” Therefore, every forward thinking organization must place…

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Uncommon Mindset

MEET THE SPEAKERS 1. Michelle McKinney Hammond best selling author of over 40 books, international speaker and relationship expert. She will be talking about the AUTHENTIC MINDSET. 2. Tim Storey is an acclaimed author, speaker, and life coach associated with…

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Africa The Next Frontier

Africa: The Next Frontier Market

Background To The Event. Africa's Success Story : Case Studies From Nigeria/Ghana/Sierra Leone. The divide between Perceptions and Reality. The World's view of Africa, is often seen through wars, corruption, vast gaps in infrastructure, widespread weaknesses in governance etc. Across…

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